How long does it take for a bathroom renovation to be completed?
Free of charge, and offered not only during the day but also evenings and weekends at your convenience, our in-home estimate includes anything that you need. Whether you are just shopping around and don't know exactly what you want, or you have printed pictures of everything you are looking to get, we are right there, ready to help. From measuring, to cost estimating, to laying out the total image of the renovation for you to start envisioning in your home, the possibilities for renovation planning are endless!
We encounter this question on a daily basis. Of course our work hours are your work hours also! We tend to all of our clients whom are either unable to be at the house due to prior commitments or work, as we do all of our clients, with accommodation and respect. Being a founding bathroom package and renovation company in Calgary, we understand that it can be an uneasy decision for some people to allow a company into their home without them there, because trust is not given easily these days. But trust is something that is earned! For a quarter of a century we have been entrusted within the homes of our customers thousands upon thousands of times, and one more common situation is clients who are unable to be home during the renovation. We ask that you provide us with a key in any fashion that you are comfortable with, being under the mat or in a lockbox, and we will get that renovation done seamlessly for your to return to!
没问题!很多时候我们遇到了对他们卫生间里的想法并不总是肯定的客户 - 这就是我们有浴室专家的原因!我们可以向您展示或为您带来样本,我们很高兴在网上展示我们的工作和我们的供应商选择,我们会给您提供最佳专业和个人建议。通过预算或没有,我们总是在这里尝试,并确切地为您提供屋内的水疗中心!
以及our schedule permits; we will do all in our power. Your time and your needs are top priorities to us, and although we can never foresee some aspects of a renovation or supplier, we always put the measures in place to make sure your date is what you require.
The proof is always what you need when looking for a qualified, and trustworthy renovation company. Proof of insurance, workers compensation, insurance, and membership of Alberta Services is always a first priority. Afterwards, assessing the knowledge of the team involved, as well as proper research is a fantastic way to know what you are getting yourselves into. Western has been dedicated to its clients since day one, way back all those 24 years ago. What gives us great pride is our returning customers, our client satisfaction, and of course most importantly, the beautiful bathrooms we piece together as a masterpiece in your homes!
关于浴室的常见误解是浴缸衬垫。我们在商业中,将这些想法带到卡尔加里!在安装几年后,我们意识到所涉及无效和昂贵的购买所涉及的风险。在密切检查和考虑后,Western已过期其为划线员服务。它成为一个带援助的掩护,对于下面的较大问题,没有持续一半的时间,只要预期 - 而且左西方提出了一个更好的卡尔加斯计划。全浴室装修价格相同,在一些考虑因素,较少!
The packages are put together for you to go ahead with, or run with! It is entirely up to you what you want to do with it! We find that more custom jobs we can usually work with one of our packages to start with, and customize from there!
What we always tell our clients is that the more proactive and involved you are with the process, the better it is. We cannot chose your materials, color schemes to design for you, all we can do is suggest and aid in the process. When it comes to the development of our business, communication is the best key we find! We love talking to you, so lets work as a team to give you some of the best renovation results in the industry!
We all need to know the details, and warrantee questions are very important questions in all industries. All pressure-balanced taps have a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer, as they are now cartridge driven. Most bathtubs and shower pans have a ten-year warrantee, and toilet warrantees vary between manufacturers. For Western, we go above and beyond to serve you with the best customer experience, so as we work by that saying, we offer 2 years on workmanship, where most bathroom renovation companies offer a 1-year warrantee on workmanship. We stand beside our work, as any company should, fairly and accordingly. Also with having a showroom, you always know where you can find us incase of any questions or concerns. No worries if you don't want to make a drive, we are always a phone call away!
If your residence is a townhouse or another kind of property with its own water shut off we have no special efforts involved. If your residence is an apartment condo style, we will need you to discuss the following with the condo board.
  1. 我们需要访问排水系统。
  2. We will need to know if we are able to move the drain system.
  3. We will need access to the water shut off
  4. We will need access to reasonable parking to access our materials, tools etc.
  5. 如果没有主楼或合理的地板,我们将需要进入电梯,以便我们去除和放置浴室材料
For certain aspects of the job such as mirrors, lighting, painting etc. our company refrains from offering due to the mass amount of selections, suppliers and details. We do however have good ideas of where to find what you are looking for, and can however install certain aspects of your job. Call us to inquire for more information.


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